Being raised in the 70’s and 80’s outside the suburbs of Houston, life revolved around eating at home.  If the family got to eat out once a month, they were lucky.  Mom Bilsky (Carolyn) always made sure the family had a hot, homemade meal each night.  Microwaves just started to become popular when Ted started high school, so Mom was always cooking meals from scratch!

Like Ted, Judy grew up always entertaining her friends and family, but rather with a southern home-style twist. From pecan pies, roast beef and mashed potatoes, to delicious desserts and finger foods for showers and parties, she was always busy in the kitchen. When Judy’s not placing her next batch of cookies in the oven, she is sure to be found watching cooking shows or planning her next party!

After receiving his Bachelors in Business from Texas A&M in 2015, Colby decided that the corporate life wasn’t the direction for him. Instead, he inherently found his passion in the kitchen and now focuses his entrepreneurial efforts in discovering new, fresh and healthy culinary creations for Scratch Catering. Colby is sure to always bring the comic relief for the team and strongly believes in having fun with the food!