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When Huang Yuwei saw that Hu Wuye was not honest, she grabbed Hu Wuye's neck with one hand, bowed her head and kissed him on the mouth. She smiled contentedly, "Brother Mubai, I kissed you.". You become.. Human form Let me see how you are? I haven't seen you for a thousand years since you were captured. I'm going to forget what you look like. Looking at Huang Yuwei's appearance of eating Hu Wuye, I suddenly felt that Hu Wuye did not show up, not for fear of being caught back to the hall, but only for fear of seeing Huang Yuwei. Little lady, save me! Hu Wuye struggled in Huang Yuwei's arms, and the fox's eyes drooped and he was about to cry. Huang Yuwei is outspoken, and this is a good opportunity for me to understand the Bai family. I smiled at Hu Wuye apologetically, just as a beautiful man, Hu Wuye sacrificed! Thinking so, I took it for granted that Huang Yuwei asked, "Why was Hu Wuye taken away?" "Huang Yuwei hates the Bai family, and she has to come a little bit if she wants to talk." Brother Mubai was trying to save. "Shut up!" Hu Wuye turned into.. Human form A grasp of Huang Yuwei's hand, "I take you to play, after playing quickly go back to the hall, don't come to me again!" Huang Yuwei is naive, but she is not stupid. She immediately understood that Hu Wuye didn't want us to know what had happened to him thousands of years ago. With Hu Wuye's handle, she smirked and threw herself into Hu Wuye's arms. "Brother Mubai,304 Stainless Steel Coil, do you promise what I say?" Hu Wuye is really afraid of Huang Yuwei's appearance, handsome eyebrows a wrinkle, a face of impatience, "all promised, finish quickly go!" Huang Yuwei put her hand around Hu Wuye's neck, "Brother Mubai, I want you!" "Poof!" The water that Qi drank into her mouth spurted out in one mouthful. I was so surprised that my jaw dropped to the ground. Does Huang Yuwei's "want" mean what we know? Hu Wuye's face was blue and white for a while. He picked up Huang Yuwei and walked out. Huang Yuwei acted like a spoiled child in the arms of Hu Wuye, with her small mouth close to Hu Wuye's ear,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, sticking out her tongue and licking Hu Wuye's earlobe. Stop it! Hu Wuye's face was livid and he gave a low roar. It was the first time I had seen Hu Wuye's embarrassed appearance. His white face was red to the root of his neck, his face was unnatural, his brows were furrowed, and there was a kind of tune. A sense of humiliation over the play 。 I fell on the sofa, laughing so much that my stomach hurt. The so-called "one thing falls one thing" should be Huang Yuwei to Hu Wuye. I laughed and said to Hu Wuye, let him have a good time and be careful of his old waist. Hu Wuye turned around and glared at me, saying that his waist was kept for me, and that he wanted to keep himself like a jade for me! Hearing what Hu Wuye said, Huang Yuwei's face suddenly stiffened and her eyes on me were full of hostility. If Hu Wuye hadn't held her, I would have been afraid that she would turn into a weasel and jump over and bite me. Third aunt, I can explain. Without waiting for me to finish speaking, Huang Yuwei twisted her face, "I don't talk to the enemy!" Hu Wuye smirked twice and went out with Huang Yuwei in his arms. ***! Fox spirit, fox spirit, he is really a thief spirit! Hu Wuye said, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,304 stainless steel wire, Huang Yuwei must take me as a rival in love, I will never get any news from Huang Yuwei's mouth! Qi laughed and fell in the sofa, "wampee's mind is the smallest, Huang Yuwei will certainly not talk to you in the future.". And be careful in the future. The wampee loves to play pranks. I'm going to cry when I hear that. The so-called extreme joy begets sorrow! Not long after Solo came out of the study, she ran over, and their sweet faces made me want to beat someone. I also wanted to find Bai Chuheng, but thinking that he didn't care about me, I settled down and continued to study the part of communicating with ghosts in the secret method of ghosts. In the evening, Huang Yuwei came back happily from the outside, carrying a shopping paper bag in her hand. I remember what she said, did not dare to talk to Huang Yuwei, honest stay in the sofa. Instead, Huang Yuwei walked up to me generously and handed me the paper bag, "This is what Brother Mubai asked me to give you." I was stunned for a moment, took the paper bag and looked at Huang Yuwei with a bright smile on her face, a little confused. Aren't you narrow-minded? Is it a prank? I looked down at the contents of the bag, which contained a carton, and could not see what was inside.
I asked what Huang Yuwei was? Huang Yuwei smiled mysteriously, "to help you reunite with Bai Chuheng!" With that, Huang Yuwei ignored me and went upstairs humming a ditty, looking in a good mood. I always feel that Huang Yuwei will not be so generous, so good to me, there must be a problem in the box. As soon as she took the carton out of the paper bag, she ran down from upstairs in a hurry, holding a small porcelain bottle in her hand. Xiaoqing, "she put the porcelain bottle in my hand with her shining eyes." It's up to you to reunite with Bai Chuheng. " "What is this?" When I opened the porcelain bottle, there was a faint smell of wine. Qi's cheeks turned red, and she twisted up and hesitated for a long time without saying what was in the porcelain bottle. I see the reaction of Qi, also guess a probably, "this inside is!"! You want me to feed Chu Heng this? I'll go, I want a face, okay! "This is the recipe I finally found from Solo's study, and I made it myself.". Only for ghosts, you two are now cold war, Bai Chuheng is a stubborn temper, you do not take the initiative to attack, do you still wait for him to come to you ah! As soon as Qi's voice fell, the voice of Bai Chuheng calling me came from the study on the first floor. I am stupefied, Qi Qi is also silly, staring at me incredibly, "the sun comes out from the west?" I don't care where the sun comes from, Bai Chuheng took the initiative to call me, that is, there is hope for reconciliation! I ran towards the study. Opening the door of the study, Bai Chuheng leaned against the desk, his slender legs overlapping, his bony fingers holding a card. Seeing me come in, he looked up at me,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, with thick black eyes and cold eyes. "What does it mean to relieve your loneliness in the middle of the night?" I was stunned for a moment, not understanding what Bai Chuheng was talking about. Bai Chuheng approached me and handed me the card. "I have a burning body temperature, for you to relieve the loneliness of the night." 。 sxthsteel.com