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"Yes, you should thank me. You ate my rations for ten days, shared my bonfire and protection, and got up in the morning with a shower of water. I feel like I'm going to be the sacrifice of the good old people in the temple." Yusel whispered and went back to the camp to fetch water from a small pot by the stream. He lit the bonfire again and prepared to cook a potherb soup for his breakfast. He had just seen a large area of cat-ear vegetables nearby, which seemed to be very lush. The boy followed him, and when he bent down to pull out the wild vegetables, he followed suit and threw a handful of mud and grass into his hand. Yusel glared up at him and ordered in a cold tone: "Go back!" As he spoke, he pointed with his hand, intentionally ignoring the grievance and puzzlement in the teenager's eyes, and firmly pushed him back to the camp. Without the help of the young man, he quickly pulled out a lot of cat-ear vegetables. After washing them in the stream, the water in the pot just boiled. He threw the wild vegetables down and added a handful of dried meat powder. The water bubbled and the fragrance overflowed. He sat by the fire and just wanted to break off a piece of bread to eat with the hot soup. Suddenly, he remembered that the bread had been swept away by the young man last night. He could only stir the potherb soup bitterly with a spoon and asked the young man squatting by the fire to smell the fragrance: "Hey, what's your name?"? I am the Brave, and my name is Uther. The teenager looked at him with his head tilted, as if he didn't quite understand what he was saying. "Don't play dumb, kid." Yusel's tone was as sullen as that of a court judge. "I know you can speak and understand what I'm saying.." Maybe sometimes you don't understand? Looking into the boy's clear, dark eyes, he lost the battle and pointed to himself. "I, Uther." "You.." Searle! The boy struggled to say the word, his eyes lit up, and he laughed happily, repeating,garden jacuzzi tub, "Yusel, Yusel!" "Well, don't say my name like a witch saying a spell." Uther interrupted him and poked the boy's thin chest. "What about you?"? You Now the boy understood. He hung his head, thought for a long time, and then shook his head. What? You don't have a name? No way But maybe, if it's a waif who's been abandoned since childhood, hey, kid,endless swim spa, where's your mom and dad? At first, Uther was worried that the boy didn't even know what his parents meant, but he worried too much. The boy's body trembled slightly, and then he shook his head. "No name, no family. It's a miserable life." Uther sighed sympathetically. "And where do you usually live?" The boy raised his head, looked at him, and pointed to the distance with his hand. The direction he pointed to, away from the direction of the village, was the northwest, where a legendary dragon was located, where Uther was going. "Really?" Yusel was suddenly interested. He put aside the delicious potherb soup, picked up a branch, and drew on the ground. "Have you ever seen this thing?" With a small head, sharp teeth, a long neck, a long tail, whirlpool hot tub spa ,whirlpool hot tub, a plump body, and two fleshy wings, he drew an abridged version of the dragons as best he could according to the standards in the Dragon Guide of the Continent of the Wind, beckoning the young man's eyes from the wild vegetable soup: "Come here, look at this." When he noticed that the boy's dark eyes were beginning to wander from side to side, he added to his menacing tone: "If you don't tell me, you won't have breakfast!" The boy was startled and nodded at once. Uther dropped his shoulders in frustration. "Hey, kid, you can't tell a lie for a meal and make me come for nothing. Take a closer look. Have you seen this thing?"? As long as you tell the truth, I will give you a lot of food. A lot of food? The boy's eyes clearly appeared pink peach heart, nodded forcefully again, afraid that he did not believe, but also stretched out dirty fingers, in his painting of the dragon next to a more abbreviated version of the small dragon. So it's true. There is a dragon here.
Yusel threw away the branch, brought the pot down from the fire, and knocked off the boy's hand, which he couldn't wait to reach out! Didn't it hurt enough yesterday?! He looked to the northwest, where the sky was not clear enough, as if it were covered with an ominous fog, gray and threatening danger. Since becoming a brave man, no, it should be said that since he was adopted by the court medicine man, Yusel's road has been smooth, but this time, can luck still accompany him? Waiting for him there are not bandits, not roving bandits, not violent bears, not groups of wind wolves. But the dragon, the most powerful creature on the continent, the dragon! "All right." He again knocked out the boy's outstretched hand, turned his head to look at the innocent eyes, and said with determination, "Can you take me there?" He scooped up the fragrant potherb soup with a spoon and blew on it, letting the fragrance waft as far as possible into the young man's nose. Seeing that his whole face began to shine, he smiled and said, "If you take me there, I'll give you delicious food every day." Give me delicious food every day? The boy's face was filled with incredible joy, as if he was afraid of regret, and he nodded desperately. Suddenly, he grabbed Uther's right arm holding the spoon, opened two rows of small white teeth, and bit it hard! "Ah ~ ah ~" The early morning wilderness echoed with the screams of a brave man. For the first time in twenty-five years, Uther tried to think about Destiny. He could not deny that he had been very lucky in the past. Among so many children in the orphanage, he was the only scholarship winner chosen by the Brave Guild. When orphans like him were only working in the temple, he wore leather armor. Swashbuckling with an unbladed longsword and learning the art of fencing with apprentice knights. And when he was fourteen years old, he skipped school to go fishing in the suburbs, and accidentally saved an old man who ate poisonous herbs and foamed at the mouth, who turned out to be a court medicine man. When he was sixteen years old, he fought alone and killed a three-headed monster Warcraft that ran out of a crypt near the royal capital, causing a sensation throughout the country. But when he examined the body afterwards,hot tub manufacturers, he felt guilty and found that the Warcraft had been seriously injured when it came out of the crypt. At that time, even if a farmer hit a hoe, he would die immediately. monalisa.com