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Seeing this, Liu Quan thought a little and said with a sneer, "You're open-minded.". I know that the Tianmen Sect is cruel and vicious. Entrant must be an alien and serve for three to five years. In the end, you must kill the closest relative, and then you can take off your fur, restore your body, and return to your family. The sorcerer's order must be carried out. If there is a slight violation, the living soul will be detained. He will be driven every day and will fall forever. No one has ever had a little conscience to sacrifice the demon method. What kind of person is that? Why do you protect her like this when you are dying? When the strange man heard this, before he could answer, Xiao Qing heard the reason and suddenly realized, "Brother, you ran away for your cousin and did something rude. You were ashamed to be here, so you fled over the mountain.". Listen to your tone, is it possible that both of you are under the door of the sorcerer, and that she is the one who comes with you? Don't be confused. I have asked these four immortals when they came. They all came here from the snow mountain. I have never seen them with my aunt. If your cousin comes with you, you might as well say that as long as one in ten thousand can be forgiven, your brother would rather die than save you two, and the immortal teacher will not be merciful. Immortal teacher's wonderful method, you have seen it early, and you have already understood it. If you still want to hide it, will it not be a mistake for you, but also for her? Then he cried to Liu,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, Wei, and Yu, "This is my brother Xiao Yu. He is not a villain.". The person who came with me must be my cousin Cui Yaoxian. At the beginning, my late mother was not compatible for a while, and her words hurt my aunt, so that my uncle misheard the words of my late mother and Cui's aunt, causing many accidents. Later, my aunt came home to visit her children, but my late mother was already dead. My aunt was good at martial arts,Amber Dropper Bottles, and when she saw someone snooping on a snowy night, she suspected that there was a thief in the village, and she was in hot pursuit. The aunt was already angry, so she turned around to argue, and her words were out of harmony, and she started to fight. Who would have thought that when my aunt was rescued from her teacher, she was already skilled in swordsmanship, and as soon as she met her, she hurt her aunt. Flee back to tell Yi Shu, originally want to say aunt is not good. Unexpectedly, Uncle Yi understood it beforehand, but he didn't say it in his reply. This already remorseful, smell speech immediately chase out, the rate of the people's children, step on the snow to find aunt, glass cream jars ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, in order to reunite husband and wife. Before dawn, he came back and scolded his aunt. Just as his aunt was injured, he died in anger. When my uncle died early, my aunt called my cousin to cry for revenge. My brother and my cousin, who grew up together, were very close and had a marriage contract. In order to avenge her mother, her cousin asked her brother to wait for her aunt to come back and help her assassinate her. The elder brother refused because Uncle Yi was an elder. When her cousin failed to assassinate her, she left a letter to her brother, saying that she had come out of the mountains to join the army, either to avenge herself or to avenge her brother, so that she could tie the knot. From then on, my brother was like a crazy demon all day long, sometimes clear and sometimes confused. He did rude things two or three times, and finally disappeared and left. At that time, there was no road behind the mountain, and the exit of the waterway was guarded, but I didn't know how they got there. My uncle tried his best to look for them, and even my aunt looked for them outside the mountain, but there was no trace of them. Which dawn can cast evil spirit by mistake, become this brute appearance. Although the two of them are guilty and deserve to die, they can be justified. There are many twists and turns in the middle, and I can't say enough for a while. I hope the Immortal Master will be merciful and spare the two of them for the time being. The disciple must ask him to confess the truth. As he spoke, there seemed to be a flash of brilliance in the sky outside the house. "What stupid karma!" Said Liu Quan with a smile! Do you think I can only catch her if I want you to confess? Had it not been for your brother's natural filial piety and friendship, you would have been killed by the sword. You look back and see who's behind you? Say, point to the hand. Hsiao Ching and Hsiao Yu looked back at the same time. The door was cracked open, and there seemed to be seven points of starlight flashing outside. The light sealed the door again. Between the light of the sword, a big horse monkey ran in out of thin air. When he saw Liu Quanduan sitting in the room, he was so frightened that he turned around and ran away. When Xiao Yu saw the horse monkey, she held him tightly in her arms. She turned over and jumped up, regardless of her fate. "Sister!" She cried! How did you fall into the hands of others and not escape? This is the fate of both of us, suffering from all kinds of disasters, and now we are in a dilemma of life and death. Hurry up and kneel down with me to beg the Immortal Master to see if you can let me go and take my soul back. That horse monkey also spits out a person's words, cry: "I also because uncle is not the enemy that Niang says, like you, always do not have the heart to do it.". After hearing that you had been captured, I was afraid that you would be involved, so I became more and more timid and hesitant. After a while, I heard the immortals looking for the quiet room, as if they wanted to examine you. I was going to take the risk to find you, but the camera saved the escape. Spell to promise that fellow, only beg to spare your life, let you escape, and then stab that fellow to death, and then commit suicide. As soon as he walked out of the door, he saw a long telegram flying in and guarding his uncle's door. He used the seven stars to force me to this place, and I fell into the trap.
Tell me to hurt you to survive alone, Hugh said that people are not willing, willing, how can I bear in the heart? If you don't die, the sorcerer will be more poisonous. It's good to die in the same place,Blue Bottle Serum, but after death, the soul will be detained by the sorcerer. It will be tortured for a long time. How can you stand it? With that, both the bear and the monkey cried bitterly. penghuangbottle.com